Translations of TEIQue

I oversee personally the translations of the full form of the TEIQue.  Translations of the full form always entail data collection and research in the country of interest.  Most such translations are done in collaboration with colleagues in universities around the world and a smaller number commercially.  The following translations are now complete:


  • Spanish (with Juan Carlos Pérez-González - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED); TEIQue v. 1.00 and v. 1.50; completed). Download the Spanish TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here.


  • Greek (with Ria Pita - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Flora Kokkinaki - Athens University of Economics and Business; TEIQue v. 1.00 and v. 1.50; completed).  Download the Greek TEIQue from here, the TEIQue-SF from here and the TEIQue-ASF from here.


  • Polish (with Agata Wytykowska - Warsaw School of Social Psychology; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed).  Download the Polish TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here.


  • Portuguese (with Daniela Carvalho - Universidade Portucalense; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed). Download the Portuguese TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here. Download the Portuguese TEIQue-AF (with Ana Cristina dos Santos Lopes dos Santos - Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche) from here.


  • French (independent translation by Moira Mikolajczak and Olivier Luminet - University of Louvain; completed).


  • Dutch (with Carolien Rieffe - Leiden University; completed).  Download the Dutch TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here.


  • Chinese simplified (with Dennis Lee, Stephanie Yim, Yau Yan Wong - Institute of Education, University of London and University College London; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed). Download the Chinese TEIQue from here. Download the Chinese TEIQue-SF from here. Download the Chinese (simplified) TEIQue-ASF from here (Shitao Chen - Indiana University Bloomington).


  • Norwegian (with Øyvind L. Martinsen - Norwegian School of Management; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed).  Download the Norwegian TEIQue from here.


  • Croatian (with Denis Bratko and Srebrenka Letina - University of Zagreb; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed).  Download the Croatian TEIQue from here.  


  • Malay (with Viren Swami - University College London; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed).


  • German (with Harald Freudenthaler, Aljoscha Neubauer, and Petra Gabler - University of Graz and Wolfgang Scherl - University of Nottingham).  Download the German TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here


  • Serbian (with Ana Altaras Dimitrijevic and Zorana Jolic Marjanovic - Belgrade University).  Download the Serbian TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here


  • Japanese (with Akio Wakabayashi - Chiba University).  Download the Japanese TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF (with Keiko Abe - Gifu University School of Medicine) from here. 


  • Italian (with Antonio Chirumbolo - University of Chieti-Pescara "G. d Annunzio"; TEIQue v. 1.50; completed).  Download the Italian TEIQue from here, the TEIQue-SF from here, and  the TEIQue-AF (with Antonio Chirumbolo - University of Chieti-Pescara "G. d Annunzio" and Paolo M. Russo - University of Bologna; TEIQue-AF; completed) from here.


  • Georgian (with Khatuna Martskvishvili and Luiza Arutinova - Tbilisi State University).  Download the Georgian TEIQue v. 1.50 from here.


  • Hungarian (with Edit Komlósi - University of Pannonia, Veszprém and András Göndör - Budapest Business School).  Download the Hungarian TEIQue v. 1.50 from here. For a detailed description in Hungarian of the instrument and its facets click here


  • Slovak (with Lada Kaliska and Eva Nabelkova - Mathias Bell University).  Download the Slovak TEIQue v. 1.50 from here.  Download the Slovak TEIQue-SF from here.  Download a monograph with the Slovak research results from here and a manual for the short forms from here.


  • Turkish (with Ilkay Ulutas - Gazi University).  Download the Turkish TEIQue v. 1.50 from here and the TEIQue-SF from here.


  • Latvian (with Anete Hofmane - Riga Stradins University).  Download the Latvian TEIQue v. 1.50 from here.


  • Thai (commercial translation).  Download the Thai TEIQue from here.


  • Bulgarian (with Antonina Kardasheva - New Bulgarian University). Download the Bulgarian TEIQue from here, the TEIQue-SF from here, and the TEIQue-ASF from here


  • Arabic (commercial translation). Download the Arabic TEIQue from here


  • Urdu (with Dr. Nashi Khan and Hufsa Chandni Rizwan - Centre for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab).  Download the TEIQue-SF from here.


  • Persian (with Dr. Marvan Aghedi - Tehran Psychiatric Institute, Iran University of Medical Science).  Download the Persian TEIQue from here, the TEIQue-SF from here, and the TEIQue-ASF from here


  • Romanian (commercial translation). Download the Romanian TEIQue from here and the TEIQue-SF from here.


  • Finnish (commercial translation).  Download the Finnish TEIQue from here.


  • Swedish (with Anna Dåderman - Högskolan Väst). Download the Swedish TEIQue-SF from here



The TEIQue-SF is embedded in the full form of the inventory and, therefore, translations become available concurrently.  If you would like a translation that is not available on the website, please email here to request it. 



The Adolescent Short Form is now available in Spanish (Mercedes Ferrando and Blanca Serra - Murcia University), in Greek, in Dutch, and in Portuguese (Dorisa Peres, Sandra Sequeira, Selma Martinho, & Viviane Grunert da Fonseca - Instituto Superior Dom Afonso III, Loulé).



The Child Forms have been specifically developed for children between 8 to 12 years.  They are based on a sampling domain developed exclusively for children (i.e., they are not simple adaptations of the adult form).  The English TEIQue-CF and TEIQue-CSF can be download from here.  In addition, the following translations are currently available: 

  • Albanian (Albulena Gashi & Sami Hajrullahu) 
  • Greek (Stella Mavroveli & K V Petrides)
  • Italian (Paolo Maria Russo and colleagues)
  • Spanish (Juan Carlos Pérez-González)
  • Chinese simplified (Stephanie Lau)
  • Romanian (Anita Gall, Anna Bernáth, & Diana Neagu)
  • Portuguese (Maria João Afonso, Ana Catarina Gentilhomem, & Teresa Vaz de Carvalho)
  • French (Nitzia Embricos)
  • Persian (Marvan Aghedi)
  • Urdu (Ayshah Saddiqua)
  • Slovak (Lada Kaliska and Eva Nabelkova)


For scoring information or to obtain copies of the translations, please contact Dr. Stella Mavroveli at Imperial College London.

Reference for the TEIQue-CF and TEIQue-CSF:

Mavroveli, S., Petrides, K. V., Shove, C., & Whitehead, A. (2008).  Validation of the construct of trait emotional intelligence in children.  European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 17, 516-526. [pdf